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This page is still under construction.

AI & Data Science:

I'm an enthusiastic data scientist who does a little data science at work and much more than that in my free time!

I have competition master tier :) on Kaggle and my current rank in there is 242 among more than 54000 data scientist around world.It's just the beginning!
You can find my Kaggle profile here:

(Kaggle is the most well-known web site for data science competitions)

I accept freelance projects.


  • Bachelor degree of Software engineering
  • Master degree of Software engineering
  • former PhD candidate of Artificial Intelligence


I do photography as a hobby. You can find my photo on my

Instagram Page : @pedram.mehdi

My blog:

I'll put its link here soon!


My current Job title is data analyst at Lorestan University of Medical Sciences however I'm also their web master(I am only responsible for technical issues and not the content of the web site).

Web developing:

I used to do more web developing especially freelance projects but these days I'm more concentrated on machine learning and data science. some of my web skills:

  • PHP programming
  • Java script & Ajax
  • HTML, HTML5, CSS ,...

Contact me:

mehdi.pedram At G _mail